Spanish Risotto in Gluten Free Batter

Serves a family of 5, because you simply won’t be able to stop eating them, and if you do, use the rest for lunch the next day!

1 jar of sun dried tomatoes
1 jar of artichokes
1 bag of arborio/paella rice
2 organic vegetable stock cubes (plus water to create stock)
500g gluten free flour, plus extra to coat risotto balls
Salt and Pepper
2 tablespoon smoked paprika
1 teaspoon chilli power (optional)

Deep fat fryer, or large flying pan for shallow fryingIn a large deep saucepan very gently fry off the risotto rice in the oil from the sun dried tomatoes after 3 or 4 minutes add the paprika and chilli power, with continuous stirring gently add the stock which would have already been made with boiling water. (according to instructions on the back of the packet)

Add the stock just a little at a time and watch the rice keep absorbing the liquid until theirs non left, and once again repeat the process. keep an eye on the heat of the pan, and just be patient with this process. use a wooden spoon to stir, and instead of becoming impatient, have glass of wine and listen to a podcast, or radio station. Enjoy this part and really put your love into it. After 10 – 15 minutes of stiring and pouring, have another sip of your wine. Taste the risotto and it should be fully cooked through, a slight bite is fine, but either way it doesn’t matter for this.

IMPORTANT: you need to make sure that the rice becomes very very thick, not like a normal silky risotto.

Take out the pan, using a spatula, spread onto a baking tray and let it cool near a open window or cool place. Whilst its cooking, using a food processor, hand blender, vitamix or blendtec, place all the artichokes, and sound dried tomatoes in, reserving the oil. Blend until a chunky, rustic, sauce texture, and season if needed. Most likely it won’t! fold half of this mixture into the rice in a bowl, taste, season if need, and sometimes i like to throw in some fresh, chopped basil if i have it at hand in another bowl whilst the oil is heating up, make the batter. self raising, gluten free flour, with cold water, blended or whisked until smooth, yet thick enough to coat your finger easily.
in another bowl, or sometimes i use a deep baking tray, put the reserved flour.

Using a large dessert spoon if using a deep fat fryer, or a teaspoon if using a pan, gently scoop up the cooled down risotto mix, place VERY gently into the flour, and coat, then into the batter. Still using the spoon carefully place into the hot oil. They should instantly start to puff up and become crispy. Repeat this process in batches until your ready to eat them up with the kids! Use the rest of the artichoke and sun dried tomato mix as a tasty dip by adding back some of the oil and giving it a good mix up!