The Plant Food Power Team

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Matthew Nutter

The PlantFood PowerChef

Since becoming a professional chef, my knowledge of food has continually increased over the years.

I first discovered veganism on a trip to India, as I was too poor to afford meat. Eating on a plant based diet was much cheaper for me, and it still is. When I returned home from travelling, I continued my journey on the vegan lifestyle. It became a very natural and organic process. Cutting out all the dairy and meat was making me happier and healthier, and – like many of us – this was something I had been striving for for a long period of my life.

It’s crazy that something so simple as changing your eating habits can transform your body and mind so dramatically. It makes me wonder why so many people turn their noses up at the idea of eating food that doesn’t contain meat. But then I realized it’s because of how little vegans and vegetarians are catered for. Through Plant Food Power Chef, I aim to break down these misconceptions of vegan diets and show people that they can enjoy a plant based diet that tastes just as good, if not better, than a diet full of animal products.

Siobhan Jordan

The PlantFood’s BackBone

Meeting Matt and being part of PlantFood PowerChef has truly changed my life for the better. When serving Matt’s dishes on our pop up evenings, I just love seeing the look on people’s face turn from completely perplexed to confused delight as they take that first bite. The murmur of wonder spreads around tables as to how this meal can taste so good but contain no meat or dairy. I, too, used to feel same amazement when I first turned vegetarian, and then vegan.

As an aspiring personal trainer, I’ve always been big on fitness and healthy eating. But what else would I put in my salad besides chicken? I didn’t realise how limited I was with my choices following a meat based diet.

Cutting out meat and dairy, has enhanced my life. I feel good waking up and I manage to fuel myself with delicious food during the day. Since becoming vegan I have ran 2 marathons, 2 ultra marathons, a 100 miles bike ride, 2 20 mile bike rides and aim to continue setting myself challenges.